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Pharmaceutical Development

Combination of the active substance with excipients to form a drug

The term "Galenik" (engl. galenics) originates from the Greek-Roman doctor Claudius Galenus. The physician Marcus Aurelius derived systematic, effective drug dosages and, thus, established the fundamentals of modern medicines.

At BERLIN-CHEMIE's Galenik Abteilung (English: Pharmaceutical Development Department), staff are involved with all inquiries that arise in connection with the further processing of active substances for ready-to-use medicines. More specifically, formulations are developed for:

  • Solid drugs such as tablets and lyophilisates
  • Semi-solid drugs such as ointments and cremes
  • Liquid preparations such as solutions and solutions for injection

Newly developed medicines are then tested for their stability. Pharmaceutical Development produces all necessary clinical samples for the clinical studies that follow to prove efficacy and safety.

Pharmaceutical Development's staff are currently working on over 50 different Research and Development projects of the MENARINI Group.

Modern laboratories and clean-room technology are available to these motivated staff; new manufacturing and packaging equipment enables a sophisticated production of clinical samples.