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High-quality drug production

BERLIN-CHEMIE guarantees an ultra-modern and safe production of top quality drugs in line with the MENARINI Group philosophy.

BERLIN-CHEMIE AG has a long drug-manufacturing tradition and access to a highly motivated, excellently trained production team.

We produce solid dosage forms (tablets, film-coated tablets, capsules), liquids (solution and drops), suppositories, as well as solutions for infusion at the Adlershof and Britz production sites in Berlin.

These production facilities have been completely modernised to the highest technological standards and enable us to guarantee an efficient finishing of high-quality drugs.

A new unit compliant with the highest standards was installed for the production of solutions for infusion in 2000 at the Adlershof site. In 2001, a new unit for the production of oral liquids was introduced.

A modern production building with 11 production lines for the packaging of tablets, capsules and film-coated tablets was opened in April 2003.

Per year, around 270 million package units of drugs are produced by 339 staff. These drugs are used around the world to treat disease.

We also provide our team's special know-how to other pharmaceutical companies. If you have any questions, please contact us at:

Tel.: (+49) 030-6707-2651

Fax: (+49) 030-6707-2119